It Is Now Christmas

It is now “go time.” Advent is complete, the lights are hung and most of us have made our plans where to spend December 24th and 25th. It is Christmas.

The last month or so I have tried to spend a few minutes thinking about Christmas. These moments have consisted of everything from memories past to buying gifts and finally digging into the real meaning of Christmas.

I tried out the giving tree at Popplers Furniture this year. I thought this was innovative as the gifts are for the elderly. It gave me a different involvement in the Christmas season and I will do it again next year.

Lisa has been making out Christmas cards at a furious pace. We are reactive in giving Christmas cards so if you want one, send one. Please remember we care for all of our friends and family, card or not.

Lisa found a really good advent calendar for us this year. No candy, just some pretty decent news and a darn fine story. I wanted to really dig into the season and contemplation was not cutting it. Appreciation typically takes work and study; I mean-before you can truly enjoy a song, you have to learn the words. I figured that is what I needed.

I started reading, “The First Christmas; what the Gospels really teach about Jesus’s birth.” There is typically some difference between what is said in the Bible and how people interpret these words. This book points out the difference in the nativity story as told in the books of Matthew and Luke. The book is inexpensive and was included for free in my Amazon Prime kindle account.

The importance of this book to me is that it is easy to get caught up in the sentimental aspect of Christmas and miss out on the story of the event that started this holiday. I have found it is always better to do the hard work of learning and memorization prior to indulging in the emotional joy or celebration of anything. I mean, don’t you enjoy a meal more when you understand the effort put into its’ making? It’s make me appreciate the meal much more and a greater understanding of Christmas helps me accomplish a greater enjoyment of this season too.

I put myself on challenge to finish the book before Christmas. There’s nothing like a deadline to involve me in the a task. It also makes reading the book a priority.

This is your chance at not only observing Christmas but being Christmas, sharing space with Christmas. To learn the story and give it priority in your life will make you feel a part of the season and give loneliness no room in your life. This story is only a beginning to a life that ends briefly during Easter and then rises in a way that sets a standard for the gift all of us are presented with at birth.

Enjoy all of your traditions at Christmas but please make the true meaning of Christmas a priority in your life, it changes everything-it is everything. Merry Christmas.

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