Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

There are many benefits to the arrival of spring, one benefit is weight loss. I hung up my heavy

winter jacket for the last time this winter and it felt so good. Maybe part of winter doldrums is that the clothes that keep us warm are also pretty heavy. My attitude was getting a little heavy too, I felt entitled to some spring weather and winter’s death kind of lightened the mood.

I wrote about transitions a few weeks ago, Dave, I changed gears on my transitional shift this week and re-purposed floor space reserved for the snowplow and snowblower for the tools of summer-the lawnmower and atv. I believe it is spring but seeing myself store the tools of winter really shows me my own confidence. It seems possible that one day I will be out checking fence or mowing the grass on a sunny afternoon. A few weeks ago, it seemed almost delusional to believe we would ever need the services of a lawnmower-although the snowblower sure had some believers.

We spoke on my radio show recently that the farmers out in Carrington have gone into a higher level of preparation for eventual crop seeding. We still have frost in the ground around here but once the ground is warm we will see a few weeks of the most intense planting seen since, well-probably since last year or the year before it. I remember a time when I would see a farmer planting his field when I went to work and when I returned home he would still be in that same field. Today, that same field is done in a short amount of time and it’s on to the next. It’s amazing how fast farmers can plant and harvest. Weed spraying is even quicker, a quarter of land will only have a few wheel tracks after spraying as the booms are so wide. Our planting window will be narrow this spring but the crops will get planted.

I liked your idea for my most-recent sewing machine turned toy tractor creation; you had suggested that it looked a lot like a hot-rod. You said that you had some flame decals that would help push the theme in that direction. I took it a little further and suggested that I make it into a pulling tractor and that is where we are at now, Dave. It does look like a puller and I believe just a little decal work will make it appear as such for everyone who looks at it.

Time to put away the toys and get to work, Dave. I need to prepare for summer which is just another way to say I need to prepare for cattle. It is probably the best time of year for me as my body gets to follow the same path upon which my mind spend much of its’ time. It’s a good time of the year for me, Dave.

Tell everyone hello, your little bro’

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