Green tomato summer

I would like to first thank everyone who sent such nice messages to us after the loss of our kitty-cat Laine. You all were so kind and Lisa and I really appreciate it.

It starts today. Everything up to this point was preparation but, for me, summer starts today. Summer is that period when the earth lets down its’ guard and exposes an uncovered scalp to the sun. It is lucky for us that it does so or we would have to be a lot better at shoveling snow.

I have completed many little projects in preparation for summer. All oil changes and grease jobs are done so we can mow the grass and drive out to see the cattle which will soon arrive. I ordered more Class V gravel to finish the projects that ran out of financing last fall. I even replaced the Ritchie waterer with a larger unit and built a separation wall so each side of the waterer could be used by a different corral of cattle. I have other projects to perform but those can wait for their time, in June or July.

A robin has nested in a hay trolley the last few years. The hay trolley is one of several that hang from the perimeter of our porch. Lisa calls the robin“Mrs Robinson” and she and her “Mr Robinson” have raised up to three sets of little ones each summer. I always thought it was a pretty high-traffic area to raise kids and apparently the Robinson’s agree with us. They have now moved to a spot on top of the door to our well pump house.

I always hammer pretty hard in the spring as those projects have to be completed before the arrival of cattle. I can handle one large project at a time when the cattle arrive but typically no more. I need to leave a little of my effort available for surprise repairs or helping the veterinarian with cattle problems such as foot rot plus there’s always fence repair or even overseeding old pasture. I have found when I schedule myself too closely, God laughs.

Summer is a nice time for Lisa and I. I help her with the greenhouse a little and we like 4 wheeler rides. We like to drive around and get some green tomatoes from Lenny’s garden before ours are ready. After that, we like to sit and stare at the water in the gravel pit. It might seem pretty redneck to relax along the shores of your local gravel pit but we like it. Mowing our lawn has also become a bright spot of summer. Our lawn is “no trim” which means you never have to leave the seat of the mower. Edges are done in concrete which blends into the ground so we have no need for a string trimmer. I love to wear Lisa’s “worktunes” headset and mow the lawn. I rarely listen to baseball games on the radio but I love to listen to them when I mow. Lisa and I share the task so we both get a little cockpit time on the mower

I always measure the year by the summer. I measure summer by the accomplishments to be earned, memories to be made, cattle to raise and green tomatoes to eat. It all starts now.

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