2018 TRF Beards and Beers Festival

This is fair notice because facial hair has a timeline specific to the individual owner. In case you wanted to put-together a good beard or mustache, you would need a bit of time and a little facial hair is needed to participate in this year’s TRF Beards and Beers Festival. Actually, the smooth-shaven are encouraged to participate too. Matter of fact, a few smooth faces make the beards, mustaches and individual creativity stand out out that much more.

The TRF Beards and Beers Festival is a part of the Pennington County Fair. It is one of the most unique gatherings of people of which I have ever been a part. Last year was the first of the Beer Festival and included a seminar on home brewing followed up by samples of fine craft beer; the Beard and Mustache competition is now in its third year.

Saturday, July 21st we will gather at 11:30 and start with the beer festival. The festival is fun, laid-back and your can learn about what makes your favorite beer taste so good. The beard and mustache festival starts at one and features these categories: Business Beard (under 5″ in length), Full Natural Beard (over 5″, no styling), Mustache, Partial Beard, Freestyle (creativity encouraged!), Lady Whiskers, Kids Beards
and Best in Show.

This little beard and mustache show has grown nicely over it’s first few manifestations. We started out fast out of the gate with a fair amount of participants but our sophomore year was a nice surprise in that it became even larger. It’s a nice group of people and the beer garden is only a few steps away, it’s a good combination and makes for a relaxing time. There’s always lots of little side features that stitch everything together in a way that makes the competition more like a show. It’s part circus and part family picnic.

Many of the contestants will appear in a costume that compliments their style of facial hair and even helps tell a backstory. Sometimes it’s a character from pop culture or even just a style of facial hair and dress that represents a period of time. These folks really throw the full weight of their own creativity into their character and they present this character at several competitions throughout the year. There’s often hours of work and several cans of hair product invested in each presentation. There is no way you could pay them enough to make it all make sense so you know they do it for the pure, undiluted enjoyment.

The fair has always been around for a break from summer’s labor and to make memories. Our culture is slowly changing and people want something a little different in their entertainment. The TRF Beards and Beers Festival is about as different as it comes. It is a window into a lifestyle most don’t get to see and just an all-out fun time. It’s kind of what you make it. I could describe it to death but why don’t you just come see for yourself the morning of July 21st, 11:30 at the Pennington County Fair.

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