Magoo’s Life

I wish I could tell you I was writing this story, flanked by our two remaining cats. Time eventually takes from everyone, despite effort and love. We lost our Magoo last week.

Magoo was our black cat and has been diabetic for the last 3 years. Diabetes is a tough disease and if your cat loses weight suddenly and starts drinking a lot of water, get him/her to the veterinarian. Magoo was diagnosed and we were able to control his diabetes with insulin and diet. He was 15 years old when he passed and I could say he died from the effects of living with diabetes however I think he was really just tired. He slept quietly on the couch towards the end and spent his very last hours covered with a blanket with his brother and I cuddling him. Lisa also had her time with him that morning so she was able to say good-bye too.

Magoo has been described as “magnificient.” His black fur was shiny with a tiny streak of white on his chest. His frame was a huge structure which carried up to 20 pounds at various times but he was not fat. He carried himself so well and each move was measured an purposeful. Magoo spent a lot of time at rest but you could watch him and see he was thinking. He would lay on the floor or the deck, cross his paws and just think, it made me feel like he was a kindred spirit.

Magoo could teach a college-level class in how to cuddle. He was so awesome to quietly share space and watch television. He sometimes sat with Lisa and sometimes with me. He had a deep, throaty purr that makes me sleepy when I think about it. I used to wrap my arm around him when we slept on the couch together. We did this so much that my left elbow had pretty intense inflammation throughout much of the last decade.

I can still remember how all three cats used to sit outside on the church pew all night long. They always reminded me of three old men watching traffic pass by and Magoo always had his paws crossed, deep in thought. Each of our cats had a place in our lives and Magoo was our baby. He also had his share of nicknames to include: Goober, Bear-cub, baby bear and Goober-child.

I spoke with Dr Novak on Magoo’s last day; we agreed that each animal teaches us something. In Magoo’s case, I would say that he taught me not to wait until the perfect time to enjoy a relationship. Sometimes you have to take joy from a relationship even in difficult times. Lisa and I are fortunate in that we really have no unspoken emotions when it comes to our cats. We told, and tell them, that we loved them an embarrassingly often amount of times. I typically kissed each of them on the head and whispered “I Love you” four times each before I left the house.

We buried Magoo in our cemetery next to his sister, Laine. I said the prayers he needed after his life had passed as he has a large family to see in Heaven. I love life but look forward to spending time with him again one day. The first day after he passed, I was leaving the house and wanted to kiss him on the head and tell him I love him. I went to his regular perch, wrapped my arms around the space he once occupied and whispered “I Love you” 4 times. I could feel my arms, eyes and heart fill as I remembered that beautiful purring voice telling me he loved us too.

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