Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

While most of our summers are busy, the summer of 2018 will always be one of personal transition. The summers I have have seen have been used mostly in preparation for winter. This summer has been different in that Lisa and I have been more socially active and less busy with boot work.

A good example of this would be last Sunday, when many of us gathered one last time to eat before our sister, Deb and her husband, Mike left town. It was nice to get together before Deb and Mike hit their jumping-off spot. It was especially nice that your wife, Mary gave each of us a “barn quilt.” A barn quilt is outdoor hanging that represents the individual through patterns very similar to something you would see on a quilt. It was very cool and we are very appreciative. I plan to put it on the shed as soon as I get the metal work finished.

Another very social activity was the TRF Beards and Beers Festival last week at the Pennington County Fair. We had noticeably more attendees this year and it was really fun. I am the emcee for this little circus/family picnic/tent show revival and it is a highlight to my summer. At the end of the show, there was one more trophy to give out, Dave. Our host and organizer, Devon Grandbois, reached to pick-up the trophy and I said that I could hold it for him so he could take the microphone and talk. Devon said he would handle it and I soon found out why-it was my trophy. He got on the microphone and gave me a trophy for “#1 Emcee” and I was so surprised and happy. Devon and his wife Emmy knew that we had recently lost two cats so they also gave us a miniature version of the trophy in the shape of a kitty as a memorial. The kitty memorial really made me feel good as it feels good to have someone understand your pain or loss. It was one of the best of my experiences in a long time and deeply appreciated.

Sorry about waking you the other morning, Dave. I had arrived at the radio station to work on my country music program and finished early which meant I called you for your interview at an early hour. I figured you would be okay with the early hour just like you are okay when I use so many of your pictures in my column. I guess I still lean on you a lot; you are a good big brother.

We took a turn towards fall last week as morning temperatures were cool enough that I turned on the heat in my truck. It was just enough to take the edge off but it happened right there in the middle of July. That morning reminded me of the good, cool feeling you get at the Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag if you get there early on a Labor Day morning.

The Viking Good Old Days celebration will be here the third weekend of August so I hope to see you there. I plan to do a presentation of farm stories during the celebration-hopefully you will have time to attend too. Tell everyone hello

Your little bro

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