Family Farms at Viking Good Old Days

Lisa and I watch “Big Bang Theory”pretty often-maybe three times a week. One shared obsession among the men on this show is their wish for time travel, both forward and back. Certainly many of us share the wish travel back in time to what we feel is a simpler time. No no need for time travel, instead make short travel seem like time travel with a trip to Viking Good Old Days in Viking.

Good Old Days is August 17th through the 19th in my old home town of Viking, Minnesota. This is not just a celebration of the way things once were, it’s a celebration of the way things were in Viking. Growing up in Viking made me want a lot from life, I would guess it was the close community, the school and church life that created such high expectations.

I grew up on a farm- that’s a statement that creates an image in my mind. The cattle, my dad milking cows, our dog Chipper are often the focus of my meditation when I think about the family farm. A small group of people, working hard towards one goal, survival, is what comes to my mind when I think about the family farm. This year’s Viking Good Old Days focuses on the family farm. Features and demonstrations will display the elements of the family farm and bring them all together in a family farm display at the township hall. I was honored to be invited to speak on the family farm at 1 pm Saturday afternoon in back of the Viking Diner. What an honor to speak in the town that made much of me.

Good Old Days has what we’ve all come to expect at a top-shelf community celebration; athletic competition, movie night (Return to Green Acres!), the parade on Saturday and multiple opportunities to eat. One thing I noticed was they plan a plowing demonstration this year. Plowing demonstrations are popular but you don’t see too many of them because it takes a lot of dedication and planning to make it all work. I saw the Jensen Sister’s will be there Saturday night at seven with great music and it’s just not a community celebration until these ladies turn on the microphones and fire it up. There’s a lot going on so check out their Facebook page.

In among all of this fun, the Peter’s Museum is always open too. This museum is like a quiet celebration unto itself. There are so many high-quality examples of the good old days here that you could quietly drift back in time as you slowly pace from one old memory to the next.

The memories are what we come for, aren’t they? When you come to Viking Good Old days, you see a closeness of community you maybe don’t find in your daily life. The old equipment and tractors are really just focus points that allow your mind to meditate on life growing up on a family farm where people who loved one another and loved the life they lived, worked to maintain all of that love. It’s not an easy thing to do but it is rewarding beyond belief. Take a time machine ride back to those days, August 17-19th at Good Old days in Viking.

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