Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I love radio-both being on-air and listening. We are blessed in this area with some really good stations however I have always wanted satellite radio for one reason-”Willie’s Roadhouse,.” I just love old country music and as of today, it now streams to my ears whenever I want it. I heard Faron Young twice yesterday which is not something I normally cay say.

I had carpal tunnel surgery about fourteen years ago, Dave. Both hands have been great ever since but I am getting some numbness in the left hand again. Carpal tunnel surgery is easy, the test to prove you have the condition is hard. It is a series of electrical shocks which help to measure the response of your carpal tunnel nerve. I read in “Reader’s Digest” that music can help with painful situations. I brought my Iphone and listened to country music to help me get through it and it really helped. The test revealed my carpal tunnel was fine, a nerve in my elbow needs some some knife work, however.

I dropped off our new cat at the veterinarian this morning. He is a tom cat so he must be neutered along with all of the other shots and worming needed by a young cat. It was hard to drop him off as he is such a baby but it needed to be done. Clyde is such a sweet little cat and cuddles like a warm scarf. He couldn’t have food or water after eight o’clock last night so he was pretty wild this morning. He is so athletic that his leaps and bounds are more like true flight and so is a little difficult to catch. Anyway, I am sure everything will be fine however I will be eating my own guts until he gets home.

As summer comes to an end, so do summer projects, Dave. I have about three more pieces of metal to hang on my garage. This has been a slow project but good work takes time; old buildings are usually a little out of square and shimming crazy angles takes time. Remodeling is a pastime we share so I know I am preaching to the choir. I have one more project involving a sewing machine stand and sliding door I built a few years ago. I plan to make a overhead barn door and hoist on the backside of my shop. It will only be for looks but it should look pretty good.

Most of the small grains around here are in the bin, Dave. My guess is that most wheat farmers are smiling right now. Unfortunately, most of these same wheat farmers are soybean farms too which leaves less reason to smile. A lack of rain has prematurely ended most soybeans and the ones that still live are not filling their pods. Last night you told me that Carrington has not received any rain during a period of time in which we received about 1.3 inches however the rain hasn’t improved growth. Rain has loosened the ground a little as evidenced by increased chisel plowing.

That’s it for now Dave-tell everyone hello.

Your little bro’

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