Writing with one hand

I am typing with one hand today, so read slowly; more on that later. This week I am going back to my old “bullet points” format which means a list of subjects either can’t support a column yet or maybe won’t ever.

I was recently given a copy of the book”An outlaw and a lady” which was written by Jessi Colter. I think most of you would remember Colters’ hit songs such as “I’m Not Lisa” or ‘What’s Happened to Blue Eyes,” however if that doesn’t jog your memory she is also Waylon Jennings widow. I am racing through this book as it is a great mixture of country music legend and Christian faith. Anyway, there will be a review in the future and it will be very favorable.

Winter is apparently here or there, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if we are getting El Nino or La Nina so winter will either be awful or delightfully pleasant. I guess we are ready the big, seasonal sleep. When we were in Montana some time ago, I noticed tall poles along the roads that are used to mark the roads when the snow gets deep. They are called delineators and made in impression on me. Mid-winter, the ditches fill with snow around home which turns the road, ditches and field into a white mass. I asked the local cooperative for permission and then wrapped every other pole with aluminum reflective strips. This should make winter driving easier as you can see the reflectors for some distance and which gives you something to judge your position on the road. Red Lake Electric Cooperative also installed a light on the pole at the end of our driveway. This will give us something to shoot for during winter storms and make the turn into our drive much safer.

Now, onto my one-handed typing; I recently has some work done on my elbow. My two outside fingers and about a third of my left hand were often numb until earlier this week. I would often wake up trying to shake my fingers or stretch them. I recently had an ulnar nerve release which is outpatient surgery however I must now wear a sling for a bit until the surgical entry heals up. I am making do fine however I need a little recovery however sitting on my big chair with Twitch, writing a column for this week’s paper, does not fall under that umbrella of recovery. Mostly, I just need to stay home and not move around a lot so things heal up. Most of my aches and pains have come as a result of repair or work on the farm but I think most of the heavier projects are complete so now seemed like a good time to fix this problem.

My column has always included many different subjects but has never been written with one hand; I guess I can now scratch that off my bucket list.

4 thoughts on “Writing with one hand

    1. It’s going very well. thanks! I had a nerve block the day of the surgery so my arm was numb for about 24 hours so I couldn’t tell if the surgery had helped. After the numbness left, I could actually feel my pinkie and ring finger again along with that portion of my hand which was really great. I no longer wake up with numb hands and after ten days, my scar is completely healed. It was outpatient surgery but you need to have minimal movement in your arm after surgery as the nerve and surrounding tissue need time to heal and lock themselves into place. Best of luck to you with any future procedure.

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      1. I am glad to hear you are doing well and are on the way to recovery.
        I have carpal and cubital tunnel syndrome in both hands. Not fun.

        Thanks for taking the time to answer. Best of luck to you.

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