Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

Well, I guess we could talk about the weather but maybe everything has been said. I will say that there are few times when cold, wind and snow meet like they did this week, I guess I now have another road mark on the timeline of my life-enough said.

It was good to see you last week in Euclid when the Nelson kids got together for breakfast. I do believe that was the best omelet I have ever eaten. It was good to see everyone and see what everyone has been up to. I reminds me of that Facebook meme that talks about how everyone has done so many things and me, well I’ve made it as far as Walmart. Darrel had created some real nice wall-hangings from the barn wood of the farm we grew up on and we each got one which was very cool.

I had hoped to present you with a 450 Farmall/International Harvester tractor made from a sewing machine but the truth is I haven’t felt much like shop work. I had planned to give it to you for Christmas but the frame twisted a little when I was welding on it and I almost junked it. I left it for a few weeks then decided it wasn’t too bad and started working again. I haven’t finished it but at this rate it will make a nice birthday gift for you, if I get it done.

I’ve got a few other projects for the spring that light my brain’s pilot light, Dave. One project is to modify the crowding tub for the cattle. I want a latch for the gate that operates more easily and to extend the chute a bit. I also am planning a cantilevered shade structure to loom over the cattle chute and squeeze chute. I find working on cattle in the full sun unpleasant and vowed last summer to change the situation. I also have a few, good week-end landscaping projects that will improve the look of the place and make mowing easier.

Hope things are going well in Carrington, Dave. I know you’ve had more high wind and snow than we have so I hope you will soon get a break. I thought this was an easy winter so far but it seems mother nature has decided to even the score. Fortunately, we’ve had plenty of fluffy snow which helps insulate the ground and is pretty easy to move. I know, I wasn’t going to talk about the weather.

I am looking forward to the spring, Dave. I think the area is going to see continued construction is support of a growing community. I see lots of roundabouts, buildings, curb/gutter and storm sewers in our future. It will be a good time to be a backhoe operator. Lisa and I like construction as it gives us points of interest during our Sunday tours.

Hope all is well your way, Dave. Tell everyone hello.

Your little bro

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