Move-on, Winter

I am really good at snow removal; with this level of proficiency I almost wish it would just keep snowing. I mean who knows what winter could teach me about life; shoveling, plowing and snow blowing could just be the tip of the iceberg. Can you feel my enthusiastic sarcasm?

I drove home on Sunday morning. I ended up working Saturday night right through the period of time when it might have been safe for me to drive home. Instead, I started out for my warm bed, my warm wife and warm cats at six o’ clock Sunday morning, more about that in a bit.

I used to love winter, maybe not my favorite month however I really liked it. It is the season of reduced expectations where if you consistently make it to work and your vehicle requires fewer than two jump starts then you are truly a rock star. I began to see winter differently during the point at which I realized my history was longer than my future-actually that fact changed lot of my perspectives.

Anyway, I was driving home Sunday morning and realized how much of an awful risk I had accepted. That morning, my future looked even shorter than my last birthday. I have never driven is such poor visibility although the wind had ground most of the snow from the roadway. There were pretty substantial drifts however each was followed by bare pavement or gravel which made my manic grab at home possible. I actually had to stop between 12-15 times during that trip home. I can close my eyes and imagine every landmark and feature of the trip home which was great because I could see very little. I used the white line, the yellow line, electric poles, street signs and my sense of smell to slowly pick my way home. The last three miles were almost like an extreme sport. I had to hit drifts pretty aggressively so the snow went over my windows and then try to recapture my orientation quickly so I could stop in between drifts so the snow could clear from the alternator belt. I was pretty jacked up on coffee and adrenaline when I got home. I was exhausted but got only two 5 minute naps all day long however that night I slept with a resting heart rate equal to the “hits” of an old “hit and miss” gas engine.

I like going into town after these storms as it is odd to see more plow trucks than vehicles. Everyone looks so tired. The county, state and city plows have been out almost continually and I can only imagine how tired the this must make the operators. Plowing snow is stressful as you attempt to bite as deeply as possible into the snow without being swallowed up into a ditch. I hope these folks get some time off soon, they deserve it. Honestly, there should be a special day set-aside for plow operators and utility linemen each year-something I truly believe.

Blizzards are like pregnancy, there is something in our memories which makes us forget how painful was the experience in order that we are willing to forge ahead with another. Not now though, it;s too fresh in my mind. I can handle another storm in a few weeks but for now, I would be satisfied with unusually cold temperatures, constant wind and a non-typical, late-season propane fill.


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