Vacation is over

This is the last day of vacation, soon it will be back to work. We have received a slight reprieve in the form of a winter storm this week, but the season of increased expectation is soon here; a time to go back to work.

Winter is the time when my pilot light runs low, just glowing enough to be a pilot light. It is a time to watch “Jaws” with Lisa on Sunday nights and wake up to watch a “Football Life” episode before I go to work. There is the need for snow removal but most seasons that bell is rung less than ten times. For me, winter is a time to improve my skills for the projects that come with warmer weather. It is a time of theory and study prior to the practical experience of using the knowledge in the field.

When summer arrives, people expect things. Even more accurately, I expect things. I expect to improve our place and I expect to grow cattle. I expect to do small tasks that make larger ones easier or elss expensive, Winter is a time of questions that must be answered in the summer. Scenarios I’ve ran in my mind are now played out for real and project balance sheets I’ve created tip one way of the other.

We don’t vacation much in the summer. I’ve always felt people have vacation time wrong; summer is for work while winter is for vacations. Lisa and I get a lot of enjoyment from the work we accomplish in the summer and much of the work pays out dividends in the fall and winter. Winter living is much harder than summer so anything that can be done to create ease id well worth it. I mean, I can work all day in the summer where winter is much more taxing. Winter time freezes everything solid so any task takes much longer, it’s like an astronaut working in space-your protective gear demands that every move count. Even taking a glove off to scratch your forehead adds time to feeding cattle or outdoor repairs. What all this means is that every day of summer productivity is much more precious than winter.

The mathematical formula for the phenomena of winter work versus summer pleasure means than relaxation time is higher value in summer while work time occupies the high ground in winter. Summer relaxation better be important because you should be working while winter work better be important because because it demands more resources than it does in summer. Does that make sense, it does to me-your results may differ.

So today’s forecast for snow is a slight break from the oncoming work summer expects of me. I know farmers need to start planting and summer faces need some sun-which is great-but I need this interlude. A time before work is purchased wholesale and relaxation can only be acquired at high cost. I hope you understand.

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