The connections

Things exist that only show their importance are various times or because of their connection. A person walks around with goals and aspirations and sometimes misses these connections and their importance. Then there are little moments where your vision sharpens and you see the good things in your life.

I’ve written about our cats enough that you probably need little background on Twitch. He is one of the cats who occupy a big space in our hearts. Twitch is uniquely charming, a trait discovered by our niece, Kara when she was a little girl.

Kara felt deeply enough for Twitch that she drew a pencil sketch of him about 15 years ago. She would have been in grade school at the time and created a nice likeness of Twitch to include the little white, hook-shaped patch on his back. In one corner she wrote, “To Twitchums, my best friend.” It is off the charts when it comes to cute-so much so, we framed it- it hangs in the hallway.

I was looking at that picture the other day and I thought of the connections between the picture, the cat and the little kid. The little kid is now in her early twenties and lives in the cities. The cat is still here despite incredible battles with diabetes, he’s happy and doing well. That picture though, is timeless. I mean every time I look at it, I can see Kara as a little girl playing with a very active, much younger Twitch. It reminds me of a time in my life that has aged nicely in my mind.

I love each element of this story; Kara, Twitch and that picture are all special to me. Each part of the story is great by itself however it’s all made better by the connections. To know that Kara loves Twitch so much that she created his likeness which she gave to us as a gift because she loves us really feels good. It’s like her gift brings all of us closer as the picture shows not only adoration but is something we can all focus upon and reflect.

I wonder about what I should focus on sometimes; work, hobbies, work, work, etc. There are little windows into our lives, sometimes people find these windows at time of great emotion or even towards the end of their lives. To be given even a moment of sight into what strengthens and satisfies your mind and soul is a true gift. It’s a moment that you should write down and keep in your wallet to remind you when distractions make you lose your way. For me, the window was that picture, it was an unexpected moment when my guard was down and I was open to the truth. What I saw was the importance of those for whom I care and the connections.

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