Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,


I am writing this prior to Christmas so all the excitement of the season is still with me. This is the time of year when a person needs to gather a full head of steam to get through the next few months and the next year.

I like the beauty of Christmas, it’s the part that helps get people through January and February. It seems to me that most of winter’s beauty is tinged with irony in that what makes it beautiful also makes it hard and unforgiving. All the Christmas splendor fills up my mind with something to consider when it’s dark and cold.

The meaning of Christmas is the part of the holiday that gets me through the year. Christmas is our celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christians are really happy about the birth of Jesus as it is the start of his journey to become one of us so that he could suffer and die for our sins then rise again in the final defeat over death, which is Easter.  I always feel that I need to state it each Christmas in between the advertisements for Black Friday , Dave.

I believe we have enough snow on the ground to make it a white Christmas, Dave. I really have no need for any additional precipitation until next spring, maybe even then not too much, at least at first. I would have no problem celebrating Christmas without snow, no problem at all. If it meant leaving the plow in the garage and the shovel in the back of my truck, I would still be able to celebrate the season.

There is one field of corn and one of sunflowers that border much of our trip from home to the tar road. It is very unfortunate that the farmers were unable to harvest the crop but hopefully they can accomplish it this spring. Until then, both fields provide a very substantial snow fence which should prevent some of the snow from drifting. It’s ironic that this snow fence is available in a winter that has been quite gentle so far, Dave.

Our latest cat project is Telly. Telly is white and gray and refuses to come indoors, so we brought as much indoors to him, as possible. Telly has agreed to spend the winter on the porch, in a few nice spots we’ve made up for him. One such shelter has a clear door which allows us to view Telly through a window. We made friends with Telly last fall when we started feeding him near the hay bales. We slowly moved the feed dish closer to the house until Telly became a porch resident. Anyway, we will keep working on him until he becomes a house cat.

I suspect we will talk before the end of the year but Merry Christmas and a wish for a happy new year too.

Your little bro’

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