These little things

There are a few possessions in my life that mean a great deal to me. These things have very little monetary value but enjoy a value with me both emotional and nostalgic.

Cattle have been in my heart all my life. There are pictures of me when I was only three with cattle- I just feel better when there’s nearby cows. One of the little things I like are old whisky decanters in the shape of cattle. The attraction is not the whisky as it gives me heartburn, it’s the shape of the decanter. I have a couple of the decanters and they always remind me of good moments of my life. Sometimes, I may not recall specific memories however I just feel happy. There’s an Angus decanter, one that represents a Hereford, a Scottish Highland, one Holstein, a Charlois and a Brahma. They are a nice little herd.

Another of my favorite things is the traveling sprinkler. These are the little tractors that use a garden hose for a track and water your lawn. A lot of these tractors look like modern tractors however I like to old, original sprinklers. This version looks almost like an old steam tractor and makes me think back to good times at the Minnesota Steam Thresher’s Reunion at Rollag. The first time I attended this show was over twenty years ago. I had worked nights and got home, slept for an hour and went to Rollag. It was such an exciting adventure for me as I rarely left the area back then-unlike today when I never leave the area! The traveling sprinkler was invented by a maintenance person years ago and it is just so mechanical that staring at it occupies my focus and makes me relax. To understand how everything works together is fascinating.

I think one more little possession that is worth much more to me than its cost is the little cat clocks we have around here. One of them is a small resin statue that depicts three cats in different situations around a bathroom sink. One is on top of the medicine cabinet, one is slinking under the sink and the other is standing on the commode, It’s a scene I have been witness to many times and reminds me of the many cats who have been through our home.

Among all these treasures are small tractors that I have collected and even a trinket that belonged to my mom.  None of these things were purchased with any intention that they ever blend together as one room’s decor, however that’s how things ended up.

The funny thing about these little treasures is that they all occupy the same room in our house; the downstairs bathroom. Our little museum of “me” was assembled by Lisa while I was at work one weekend. It was strategically located so that a guest of any amount of time would most likely see most of the contents and feel at ease,-or be forced- to ponder and enjoy the mix of resin, clay and metal creations.

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