My Perspective on COVID-19

It would be almost impossible to have a conversation without talking about coronavirus and the disease it can cause, COVID-19. Considering how careful we are of each other, it’s almost impossible to have a conversation. I am glad we are careful; it is an effort worth making to protect ourselves. I am sure you already know about social isolation, avoiding groups and washing your hands-I thought I would talk about something else.


I’m not sure if we all realize what is being done on our behalf right now. Truck drivers are the pipeline that keeps us fed. Walk through the grocery store and you will find that the only product that doesn’t arrive by truck are the employees. The hour restrictions have been lifted for some cargo so truck drivers are working extra. A lot of the places they may eat now do not offer dine-in services. There may be only a drive-through which is not large enough for a semi. Some places allow truckers to walk up to a drive-through while others may not. A long, lonely truck ride can only be worse when you are hungry. I messaged a few trucker friends who said they have been doing ok but these people are suffering to make sure we have what we need-sometimes in abundance.

Health care people are basically walking into the fire for us. They are delivering compassionate care at the same time as they have to suspend the compassion reserved for themselves, this is s selfless act. They must worry about bringing the coronavirus home. Most would identify superheroes by the length of their cape, I think-in this case-you can identify the superhero by the scrub or coat they are wearing.

Businesses are really extending themselves. Consumers need to let them know we care, and nothing shows compassion to a business like money. Buy your food curbside if that is the mode of delivery and do it as often as you can afford. Another great way to support local business is buy a gift card from them. The purchase of a gift card is like a micro-loan in that you are giving money for the promise of a future product. This type of loan is interest free and allows the business to pay you back with retail prices on things they’ve purchased wholesale.

Staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic has been spelled out pretty well for everyone. I would like to speak last about staying human during this pandemic. The human qualities of decency, kindness, compassion and courage must be found inside each one of us. Extending patience in tough situations or presenting a good example to young people is where we can help each other. Extending assistance while maintaining social distance is a balancing act but it is also an important one. One mode of contact left to us is social media. Be as kind, patient and generous in your online social interactions as you would in person. It is tempting to be superior and fussy when you and your computer are the only ones in the room however you are appearing on a larger stage than you realize. The internet allows you to be the light in may lives or the darkness in your own-choose wisely.

This world has survived a lot, we will survive COVID-19, coronavirus or whatever is chooses to call itself. Have courage, God is always by your side.

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