What Does a Favorite Color Mean?

Some time ago, Lisa and I participated in a little question and answer session like “the Newlywed Game.” Lisa was asked a series of questions about me which she answered, I was then asked the same questions and answered them. These were questions about my personal preferences and Lisa answered all of them currently, which was rather good.  I answered them all correctly except one, which was a little surprising-especially since it was my personal preferences. When asked the question, “what is your favorite color” -I guessed incorrectly however did not realize until I was told the correct answer from Lisa’s answer list. It was red. Perhaps I am not self-aware or maybe Lisa just knows me better than I know myself. No matter, red is my favorite color.

I am not sure what it is about the color red however it feels energetic, comforting and solid-all at the same time. The easy answer would be my allegiance to International Harvester/Farmall tractors.  I cannot think of any situation where red enjoys+ such a prominent display than on the thousands of Farmall, International Harvester and Case/IH tractors and implements. I think my trust in the color red probably comes from years of work with the old Farmall tractors. My dad used them too and he was a solid person so maybe there is a connection within that relationship.

I turned to the internet to understand my inclination to the color red. I like the internet; you can just search and search until you find an answer that fits your predetermined preference. I did the internet search and most of the responses identified a color preference of red as indication that you have passion, fire, drive, are an extrovert and are emotionally intense-or maybe you just like fire engines.

I decided to go a little deeper into my investigation of the color red and walked to the window. Pretty much every building around our place is red except for our home.  When I see a “barn red” building it just makes me feel good. I remember the barn back at my parent’s dairy farm. We could hold four thousand small square bales in the hay mow and that really impressed me. May dad had to double some of the two by 10 boards in order to take all that weight however it lasted for years. A January evening was warm in the barn, all those bales upstairs made for great insulation, plus the cows put out so much heat. Just seeing that barn in my mind makes me feel good and the first thing I see when I think about the old barn is the color, which is red.

I guess the greatest expression of my favorite color would be in the vehicle I drive however, I have never owned a red vehicle. We recently painted a machine shed, “barn red”, and we have about four gallons of leftover paint. Maybe I have a good use for all that extra color.


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