This Website is Moving

I haven't been posting my column here for some time now. I have decided to post it directly to my Rural Reflections Facebook page instead. It's a more simple way to post and I am also going to point to the Facebook page. I will leave this site open for now however will allow … Continue reading This Website is Moving


I’m Not a “Stuff” person except for…

I’m not a “stuff” person. I prize good character and creativity and don’t judge people’s value based on their cash value. There are some material things I do prize, although they probably are not worth a lot of money. I want to talk about these little treasures this week, Most of my treasures were owned … Continue reading I’m Not a “Stuff” person except for…

From the Other Side of Road Construction

I was thinking about construction last week after gathering video footage at various worksites around Thief River Falls. It’s easy for a farm kid, like me, to get really excited about the huge construction equipment however -without people-all that mechanical muscle is just unrusty metal. So let’s talk about the folks who make this all … Continue reading From the Other Side of Road Construction