My Own Kind of Hat


You could say I am a man of many hats; either because I’ve had lots
of different jobs or because I have always worn some type of head
apparel. I like to think that I’m not too old to change
and maybe this week change found me under the brow of my hat.

I always wanted to wear a baseball cap as a youngster. I especially
liked anything my brother Dave, brought home. I remember a John Deere
cap I wore almost to a threadbare death. It was green with a green
patch and gold lettering. I think it had a foam front and mesh
backside with an adjustable band. 1976 was our country’s Bicentennial
and my mom made me a hat by cutting squares from empty red laundry
bottles and white Hi-Lex bottles then crocheting them together with
blue yarn. It was the kind of hat that helped me learn to fight at a
young age and never got the chance to become threadbare and exhibit use.

As an adult, I was an auctioneer on the side. I used to buy
used caps which is a little gross but they were always clean and
purchased for a dollar per box. Most of these caps advertised some
sort agricultural product and typically were in new shape. I had a
“Jacques Seed” cap which was really nice looking and hardly used
which I wore with some pride. It was stiff-sided and quite nice looking and was probably intended for
farmers who’d purchased a lot of “Jacques” product but now it was mine. I
tried a cowboy about a decade ago but found it did not fit me. The cowboy hat felt like

wearing a chandelier on my head as it would bump into things when
I tried to do some work.

There are songs about hats but none about going hat-less, probably because hats
supposedly tell something of the character of the wearer. “This Cowboy’s Hat,” and “I Wear my Own Kind of Hat” are just a couple of hat songs that leap to mind. I was riding around on my 4-wheeler this week, wearing a cap when I decided I didn’t like the feel of it on my head anymore. The sun
was beating down nice and the sky was so blue and I felt like the hat separated me

from all the beauty of a summer day. This spring was so gloomy that I’ve really come to appreciate sun and

warmth and wanted nothing between my scalp and all the sweet
air. I wanted to feel the sun on my face so I traded that sweaty old hat for some dirty sunglasses I wear when I use my grinder.


It’s that way in life too; we come to depend on habits that actually separate us from enjoying life. If you want some change in how you live or a little deeper appreciation of life, then try a different hat- or no hat at all.

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