Twas the night before, the night before Christmas

One night I awaited a spot to stay
during the Off-Sale parking lot ballet.

I reminded me much of a sware so merry,
on stage, it was the dance of the sugar plum fairies.

My mind relaxed into creative bliss,
I pulled out a dream of an odd Christmas.

(now here’s our poem)

Twas the night of the 23rd, the night before
people had lost Christmas, they wanted more.

Santa’d promised much, at the click of a mouse.
the site was locked solid, causing people to grouse. finally worked, at least on the front-side.
Wish fulfillment was though poor, an embarrassing back-side.

The people then spoke, “we want something else.”
We’ll find Christmas’ meaning, with reality TV elves.

When out on the yard, there arose such a clatter.
Reality show stars, they’d show us what mattered!

Some would build us, a bathroom in a day
Others would go pickin’, find gifts from yesterday.

People wished to unmask, all this Christmas meaning fuss.
Yet were unsatisfied, even after shouting, “move that bus!”

And then in a twinkling, came men quite unshaven.
They looked like ZZ Top, only quite a bit more brazen.

These men were simple, loved family, work and hunting.
They’d kept Christmas simple, didn’t even buy bunting.

They knew how to track, they’d lead a Christmas safari.
We’ll start today though, too late is tomorry.

Phil and brother Si went right to their work.
Duck calls for all, and then off to their search

They traveled through swamp and forest and field
looking for something that would Christmas spirit yield

When all were quite tired, and ready to set
The Robertson’s said “are you tired of this yet?”

You yuppies search for a Christmas like on tv
when the truth is Christmas began with a baby.

It’s like when we end each show with a prayer just so briefly
we thank God for what we have, instead of begging more greedily.

You should treat Christmas the same, you already got your gift.
Just enjoy it, accept it, it’s life after death.

With a nod of his head, Si drank down his tea.
He and Phil jumped into their tupperware sleigh.

The Robertson’s headed off into a dawn that would soon crack.
Si shouted, “Christmas is the birth of Jesus, That’s a fact, Jack!”.

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