Valentine’s Day; in four acts

Act I: Valentine’s Meaning

Valentine’s Day may be more properly called Saint Valentine’s Day, in honor of the deity of the same name. One story has it that Saint Valentine broke law banning the marriage of Roman soldiers. He joined people together in love and that earned him a spot on our calendar. If Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, and its greatest advocate, then maybe we should understand love. For too many, love is the initial burst of attraction that accompanies the first contact we have with the one we’ll eventually marry. This time of a relationship is special; it is like running towards an unknown goal. Love is not this first flush of excitement and hormone release; love is the promise that you make with another person to spend your life, your treasure and your efforts together. If the initial infatuation is a sprint to parts unknown, then love is the team effort of walking towards forever, together.

Act II Valentine gifting

Valentine’s Day means a trip to the jewelry store. I have, at times, been able to communicate my sincere and deep feelings to my wife however it is much easier to hire a jeweler to do it for me. I like to find a line or theme of jewelry which I can then purchase a piece or two for each special occasion. I try to bend each piece of jewelry to the time of year whether that is Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s Day. Buying jewelry at Valentine’s Day is like buying ice from Eskimos, it is just that easy. I see other lambs like me as they wander in hopes they can find something that says “I love you,”-without spending the requisite three months’ salary.

Act III Our purring Valentine

When two people marry, they often times produce little people to share their love. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be that these extra miniatures multiply love, instead of dividing it. In our case, we share our love with a small herd of cats. I cannot tell you how my world stops when I watch one of their little faces focused deeply in sleep. Lisa and I love our cats and there is nothing else to describe the emotion as accurately. Happy Valentine’s Day, Laine, Twitch and Magoo.

Act IV My Valentine Maybe Valentine’s Day should be called Thanksgiving Day as a reminder to be thankful for your wife or husband and what they bring to your life. In my case, Lisa brings patience, kindness, simplicity and grace. I can’t recall her ever lecturing me on any of these topics yet her example is a strong model for me to follow and from which to learn. I guess you could say I love her for that, among other things. Happy Valentine’s Day, Lisa.

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