Letter to Dave

Click here or on the web link for this week's program.Dear Dave,


I took last week off because of the death of our brother, Steve. I needed familiar surroundings in which to write my column so I decided it would be a letter to you.

I miss Steve a lot. The prayer service and funeral helped me a lot but I still miss him. Steve was a private person so I guess I won’t say anything else. I just felt like I needed to mention it, a little. I would like to thank all of those people with kind words or just their presence who made it all a little better.

I am so near to the end of my shop project, Dave. Not a project performed in the shop but the shop as subject of the project. I started in the middle of July as I pulled off all of the old wood siding. I don’t know why but I always take pride in filling a demolition dumpster. Even when we moved dad out, I had to drive by several times just to admire the huge dumpster load. Anyway, I filled a large roll-off dumpster about two-thirds full with wood siding and tar paper. I considered taking a picture.

When this little shop was built back in the sixties or so, it was covered in buffalo board. Buffalo board is a little better than cardboard but really quite useless. I recovered the whole building in oriented strand board (OSB) and used screws instead of nails to make it extra solid. I then wrapped the whole structure in TYVEK and am now slowly covering the Tyvek with barn-red steel. I have completed both gable ends and one side but await windows before I can complete the north side of the building.

I have been waiting about 1 ½ months for the windows but they seem no closer than when I ordered them. The nice thing is that the excuses used to explain why my windows are not here have become increasingly more creative which is almost as good as actually having the windows.

Dave, the happy note to this project is that the high work of covering the gable peaks is complete. I can’t express how much I hate heights and although this shed is only about fourteen feet high at the peak, each ascension up the ladder is a new excursion in terror. Lisa was watching me at the peak while she mowed the lawn one day.  I could feel her eyes on me and I found it hard to concentrate. I thought that I would rather not have her watch any of my unplanned, rapid descents from high on the ladder to the concrete below. Luckily, she was on the same page in her own thought and so left the area to mow in a separate locale.

Folks are combining grain here, Dave; however they aren’t making a lot of dust. It has rained enough to make harvest kind of mean and even the sunny days have often been humid. Raking hay and swathing grain have been a popular activity among farmers this summer. Hopefully the sugar beet harvest will be nice and dry; I still have my memories of endlessly cleaning the harvester from last year.  It was nice seeing you and your kin last week even though the reason for the meeting wasn’t nice.

You’re little bro’

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