The Wedding Season

There exists a season in between and among others that renews life
and love. It also grants relief to those who have prepared for
it-wedding season.
The season of marriage lies between the fishing opener and deer
hunting. It can be inclusive of either fishing or hunting however its
presence overshadows both. camo weddingBrides may even allow a nod to these two
seasons by allowing some camouflage or fishing lures to find their
way into the fashion of their special day.

I am of two minds to marriage season. One is practical while the
other is romantic.

Let’s discuss the practical element of marriage. I think the best way
to do this is to imagine a time before the internet or even cheap
photography. Imagine how your wedding day would be if you were unable
to take pictures or post those pictures to the paparazzi Without
these outside influences and expectations, your day would serve to
please only you. I think this might make it a less expensive day and
still as memorable. Project your mind a few years into the future and
imagine what it will be like when you go to finance your first home.
home loan
Then look at what you spent on your wedding day and ask yourself what
money you may have spared with a few conservative decisions that
would make home ownership easier or sooner.

Okay, your dad wanted me to write the last paragraph. He only wants
the best for you and hopes you have a good day.

The wedding season is really a blessing to more than those involved
or their families. It gives the whole world a little charge to watch
two people marry. church weddingThis simple act is a little courageous in that you
are entering into a contract which is intended to last your whole
life. I mean, most people don’t even keep a tractor that long. To see
the brave couple, steeping off into a new world with a church full of
witnesses makes us all feel a little bolder and positive. It reminds
us of our special day and how our spouse is more than just one-half
of a contract but rather one-half of who we are as a person. I always
find it kind of nice to leave a wedding ceremony and feel that little
boost and to remember that Lisa and I were that couple not so long

If you are to be married this season, then congratulations; if you
married within the last year, then you are a special example to
newly-married couples. They probably have more in common with you
than any others in attendance. If you have been married a bunch of
years and are still proud of it, then you tell a story of what it means to make
a decision and stand by it. old coupleNot just to struggle on but to do
the work which leads to happiness, successful compromise and is the
best example of what love is, a decision to live a promise.

Love and Marriage

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