Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

I have heavier topics for later this letter but I want to start off with topics less weighty. Lisa recently picked apples from our own tree and made apple butter. She slow-cooked it for hour until the consistency was just right. The various spices combined with the apple’s unique flavor made a smell in the house that could only be described as blissful comfort. Fresh from the cooker, the apple butter was tasted like molten Christmas lava.

Greenwood street is the one thoroughfare not affected by the train in Thief River Falls, Dave. It was disturbed by construction this summer, however. I believe that the first amendment is important in many ways but one aspect is that it is an excellent way for the people to blow off steam. Much steam is created by railway crossings blocked by various trains and this same steam was increased even more when Greenwood street closed. I want to acknowledge this fact for those who read my column. Greenwood Street is open again which is great but the trains still love to park on the railroad crossings which is not great.

Late summer is when I let the pasture grow up and ready itself for winter, Dave. For this reason, I unroll hay bales to feed the cattle. I feed the cattle in different paddocks and sometimes one group will find the hay while the other will look across the fence and complain instead of walking to the gate and doing the work necessary to get to the hay. The successful cattle who find hay immediately are the quiet ones who always seem happy. The loud ones who constantly bellar always seem to be those unwilling to make the initial sacrifice of walking to the gate to get what they want and seem to complain that they want to be served and not serve themselves. Sounds a lot like what I read about in the newspaper, Dave.
Here’s what I really wanted to say, Dave-the heavy part. Jacob Wetterling’s remains were found this week. It was a relief to know what actually happened and removed some of the fear but really none of the sadness. People talk about how the tragedy of 9-11 affected them but I think that event pales in comparison to the effect of the Jacob Wetterling abduction. After the abduction, people didn’t let their children go anywhere without escort and kidnapping became something that could happen to anyone. Prior to that, I thought of kidnapping as a ransom scheme that happened to only rich people. The fear of an unknown abductor was really unsettling too. There should be a special punishment for those who commit crimes against children or animals but I do not believe that our politically-correct culture has the guts to mete out that sort of punishment. Anyway, I’m glad they found Jacob.

Your little bro’
p.s. Dave Hill, my editor from the Times, told me that the Carrington roundabout is almost complete. I must visit again soon!

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