Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,

One column per month has typically been a letter to you, Dave. This is a practice I have followed since November of 2000 but I have always written letters to you. Last week, you attended Mary’s class reunion consisting of her high school classmates from Fordville, North Dakota. This reminded me of how I used to share my horrible penmanship with you in the form of a letter. This was somewhere in the mid 70’s so there were quite a few letters. I searched my cloud drive and found 132 column which I’ve written and sent your way. There may be a few that were lost from an old laptop from way back but that is a pretty solid number. Now add the letters we sent back and forth before I began my column and we have a pretty sizeable chunk of communication!

Well congratulations to us, let’s make another one.

Not everyone listens to our radio program, which contains a weekly interview with you so I want to share a story from last week’s interview. We both like projects and we were going back and forth about our latest. Your dog, Barney, was in the background barking to get inside the house while you were seated in your front yard. I was telling my story while in the background, Barney was tugging away at his leash. These are radio interviews and not video so I could not see what Barney was up to while I spoke. He had pulled so hard that he had snapped the leash which then snapped back hard and hit you in the head. I could tell you were a little disoriented for a few seconds after I heard you say “uff!” I wasn’t sure what had happened until you called me back post-interview and told me Anyway, thanks for fighting through the strike to the temple of your forehead from man’s best friend and continuing on.

The cattle are on pasture and doing fine, Dave. The rain I asked for last month has arrived but we could still take more. June is typically our wettest month and it will soon be gone so I would like to stock-up on soil moisture. Speaking of gone, I recently heard that our local college starts orientation for the fall quarter in six weeks. The county fair is just a few weeks off, then the high school kids will start captains practice for fall sports and then it will be back to school. What I mean is, what happened to summer? We went directly from winter to summer with no springtime transition so maybe my perspective is skewed but it seems summer will soon be gone. I am spending my summer getting ready for winter so I always like as much time as I can get.

Well Dave, I hope life is well in Carrington and I look forward to our next on-air conversation. Tell everyone hello and congratulations on our 133rd letter.

You’re little bro

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